Trend and Analysis  

The Office of law attempts to keep payouts under $3 million per fiscal year.  In addition, the agency continues to close the vast majority of litigation against the County at or below the estimated reserves.  Please note, that one or two litigation cases can greatly impact the amount of payouts in any given reporting period.  The current year has been materially impacted by an increase in case reserves related to two general liability claims. The agency continues its strategies in order to minimize the impact of litigation on the County.
Of note, the General Assembly modified the Local Tort Claims Act, doubling the County’s limit of liability for compensatory damages.  The prior limit was $200,000 per person/$400,000 total claims per incident and increased to $400,000/$800,000 respectively; the General Assembly’s action also increased the time to file a claim from six months to one year.  This doubling the limits exposes the County to increased payouts and the agency will continue to monitor and attempt to minimize the impact of litigation on the County.