Trend and Analysis

According to Maryland state survey data, PGCMLS has the highest average internet usage in the state within the library system.  There was a large decrease from FY 2016 to FY 2017 because the library began requiring that people log into the system using their library cards to access the Wi-Fi.  Previously, people were inadvertently connecting to the open network and being counted, even if they were just in the vicinity and not actually using services. 
Due to a malfunction in the Wi-Fi reporting software, the data for FY 2017 was compromised and is mostly likely lower than it should be.  Now that the system is repaired, the new numbers are increasing from FY 2017 due to an increase in personal devices, new libraries that provide more electrical outlets and laptop space.  The library also completed an upgrade to the wireless infrastructure for all branches to allow for more bandwidth for users.