Trend and Analysis

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) remain a serious public health concern within Prince Georges County. The populations most at risk for STIs is the Non-Hispanic male who has sex with other males at noted County data that demonstrates an upward trend in HIV infection and co-infections with gonorrhea and syphilis.  Maryland ranks 4th in the nation for reported HIV cases and Prince George’s County ranks 2nd in Maryland.  The agency maintains a fulltime clinic that offers comprehensive reproductive health, medical/non-medical casement, oral health, nutrition, emergency financial assistance, and STI prevention/treatment services.  
 The agency is reporting a decrease in the number of in-house HIV tests performed from FY 2015-FY2019.  In recent years the focus has shifted to routinize HIV testing so that residents are tested when they receive health care services because it reaches many more people than the agency is able to test through its clinical and screening services.  The agency has partnered with community organizations to expand access to testing, counseling and treatment.  It has also provided funding to Ft. Washington Medical Center to provide testing through their ER, which is important since they are near some of the high-incidence areas in the county.